About Ability Eats

“My first memory of cooking was age 6, I was shredding carrots and peeling egg roll wrappers under foot of my mom and my bà ngoại (maternal grandmother in Vietnamese). My love for cooking expanded as I grew up in Germany and traveled all over Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Middle East. I was able to taste so many different kinds of food from multiple cultures as well as being blessed enough to learn how to make many dishes. As an adult, I was able to attend a Cordon Bleu Culinary school and pursue my dream of being a chef. I made it! Working in commercial kitchens for over 8 years, I had truly believed the statement: “never work a day in your life if you love what you do.” In 2013, I became a below knee amputee for the first time. No longer able to work in a commercial environment, I resorted to working at a desk in the field of print media and marketing (my former background).

2017, Left above knee amputation followed by 2019 right above knee amputation and the pièce de résistance on Christmas Day 2019, a spinal stroke that made me a paraplegic. Being disabled doesn’t mean you are not able. To me it means you are at a disadvantage at being able bodied. When Covid 19 hit, I began cooking meals for people without, shut-ins, my friends and others. This reminded me of my passion for cooking and the need to share it with others. As a paraplegic, I am in my wheelchair about 70% of the time. I have not found a commercial kitchen near me that is equipped for a chef like me. I also realized the need for more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities as well as persons with special needs. There is a limit of how many hours we can work as well as kinds of tasks we can perform. Ability Eats was born. The task of acquiring a food truck or store front is on my mind and in my heart. By offering concierge chef duties and small event catering, we can start the process of getting a 501c3 charity permit and begin fund raising to make Ability Eats successful in its mission. One meal, one kitchen, one happy customer!